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Thirsty Liquor & Black Bull Charging Ahead!

Thirsty Liquor & Black Bull Charging Ahead!

THIRSTY LIQUOR Group is charging ahead of the market with a total of 140 stores nationwide. The Group now has 105 Thirsty Liquor stores and 35 stores trading under the Black Bull Liquor brand, making Thirsty Liquor New Zealand’s fastest growing franchise! 


Bright orange stores are appearing everywhere throughout the country and there are still a number of stores in the pipeline that will join the franchise over the next few months.


The strong management team is very focused and extremely passionate about what they do. Between them they have many years of experience in the liquor industry and with their different backgrounds, possess a great deal of knowledge in both the retail and corporate FMCG sector.


Their store owners are also a passionate set of individuals, proud of their shops and very protective of the brand under which they operate. “It’s fantastic to see our store owners expanding their store numbers each year and growing with us,” says Managing Director Tina Govan. “It’s not just about increasing profitability, it’s about adding value to retailers’ businesses and there is a lot of satisfaction in watching a store’s turnover increase, their customer base grow and average basket size spend improve in the months after joining us.”


“We naturally want to grow and having the support of all our members is key to achieving this,” says Director Harinder Mann, who is very enthusiastic and working hard to achieve the strategic goals of the team. 


“It’s fantastic to see our store owners expanding their store numbers each year and growing with us.”


Thirsty Liquor has a simple program that differentiates it from other banner groups in the marketplace. “We don’t want to create complex layers of operating procedures or complicated structures for retailers to follow,” says National Operations Manager Shane Whitley, “we are here to help with marketing, advertising and getting fair deals from suppliers.


We do not tell our owners how to run their businesses but provide a support system to help them achieve their goals.”


Director Jack (Inderjit) Kalkat has many years of experience in retail liquor and therefore has a good understanding of stores’ requirements. He has developed strong personal relationships with key players in the industry over the years. “I am passionate about the Thirsty Liquor brand and enjoy working with many of our retailers, with the common objective of taking this business to the next level!” he says.


The Management Team at Thirsty Liquor is 100% owned and operated in New Zealand. If you are interested in finding out more about joining the winning team, please contact Tina Govan on 021 854 786 or Shane Whitley on 027 844 8889.


Thirsty Liquor wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year!


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