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Massive Easter Competition 2021

Congratulations to all the winner in our Massive Easter Competition!

This Easter we ran a month long competition and gave away $1000s worth of prizes to our loyal customers.

We have had thousands of entries over April and we have our 8 winners listed below!


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Shark Bite

Shark Bite

The blend of orange, spices and citrus with a hint of berry is also quite tasty. This is an easy...
A Kiss Goodnight

A Kiss Goodnight

A delicious recipe for A Kiss Goodnight, with dark rum, Raspberry Pucker schnapps, strawberry...

THE GIFT Everyone Wants!

Our Vouchers make the  perfect gifts!
Stop into your local Black Bull store and grab yourself a voucher or two or three...
Great for Birthday's, Thank You's or just because you want to
give someone a special surprise on their day!



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